Ashley (sweetiepebbles) wrote,

Gift Post 2014

For green_wing: Musketeers header (two versions), two Zone from Dollhouse wallpapers, 3 Zone icons
For irishvampire13: 7 Doctor Who icons
For lostandalone22: The Normal Heart header, 2 Vampire Diaries icons, 3 White Collar icons
For midniterose: Hunger Games Mockingjay wallpaper (two versions, 2 Gothem icons, 1 Once Upon a Time icon, 1 Hunger Games Mockingjay icon
For narnialover7: 2 Flash icons, 3 Merlin icons, 2 Once Upon a Time icons, 3 Reign icons, 4 Teen Wolf icons
For redisreactive: 1 fawn stock Friends Only banner and matching icon, 2 fawn stock icons
For everyone: 15 Christmas/Winter themed icons, 2 Christmas/Winter themed banners


Merry Christmas!!

For green_wing

Headers (click for full size)
I was a unsure which you'd like best so you have two to choose from

Wallpaper (click for full size)
The first wallpaper is the one I started with, but I didn't really like how it turned out,
so I made the second one. Hope you like :D


For irishvampire13


For lostandalone22

Header (click for full size)
Hope you don't mind that I used pictures of the actors,
I started out using screencaps, but they weren't the best quality.


For midniterose

Wallpaper (click for full size)
I made two versions, each with different quotes.
You can pick whichever one you like :D


For narnialover7


For redisreactive

Friends Only Banner (click for full size)
I know you only asked for icons, but I saw your journal was Friends Only,
so I made you the FO banner and matching icon as well as two other :D
You don't have to use it if you don't want to.


Christmas/Winter Icons for everyone

Christmas/Winter banners for everyone (click for full size)

Credit me if you use any of my graphics or icons
Do not edit any of my work
Do not repost any of my work on fanpop etc.
Comments are loved :D
Merry Christmas!!!
Tags: christmas gift requests

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